As your teen rushes to meet academic and social deadlines before the end of the year, he may neglect what he now needs more than ever—a healthy diet and the right amount of sleep.

You can’t force your teen to eat and sleep. But you can emphasize the importance of these basics. You can also offer to help him manage his schedule at this time.

Some tips:

  • Try to stay consistent at home. Serve breakfast and dinner at their usual times and ask your teen to take a break and come to the table.
  • Have your teen use calendars and planners. As he enters upcoming activities, due dates and social events, talk about leaving enough time for rest and relaxation. Lack of sleep may cause your teen to be depressed, irritable or angry.
  • Teach your teen to say no. Your teen can’t do everything. Encourage him to make a list of what is most important, and to put eating and sleeping at the top of the list! Some things—a sleepover at a friend’s, attending yet another sports event—may have to wait a month or so. Cheer him up by reminding him that summer vacation is just around the corner!

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