Some teens make friends more slowly than others. If your teen is among them, here are some tips that will help her make friends:

1. Ask for help. Your teen may ask another student to introduce her to other students.

2. Become an expert. One way to make friends is by sharing a common interest. If your teen likes in-line skating, have her learn as much as she can. Then when others talk about it, she’ll feel confident in joining in.

3. Join a club. Many schools have clubs that deal with everything from ecology to computers to chess. If your teen meets people who share her interests, she’ll make friends more easily.

4. Take a risk. Encourage your teen to make the first move. Talk to the person who sits next to her in algebra. Ask a question about an assignment.

5. Give and take. Tell your teen that friendships are based on give and take. You have to be a friend to have one.

6. Value yourself. The best way to make and keep friends is to respect yourself.

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