It may not be preparing for a school lesson, but most of us need to do some preparation for work or activities.

If you work outside the home, it’s likely you will sometimes have to check your notes for a meeting the next day. Or there may be a new price list to review. You may even just write down a list of names of people you need to call. Either way, it’s all “homework.”

If you don’t work outside the home, you may have an activity to prepare for. You may need to type up minutes of a meeting, or make a round of phone calls. Paying a stack of bills counts too.

If you have gone back to school, or are just taking a class for your personal enrichment, work when your teen studies whenever possible. If your class is on a college campus, take him along someday.

While you are there, point out other adults who have gone back to school. This is another way to show your teen that education and good homework habits are valuable forever.

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