Here’s how:

The purpose of a letter of application is to introduce your teen to an employer. The letter of application can help your teen’s chances for the job.

The letter should be written to a specific person. If your daughter is responding to a newspaper ad, it will probably contain the name of the person to contact. But if she’s trying to develop an internship, she may need to do some research. Have her call or visit the place she’s interested in working to find out who is in charge.

The first paragraph of the letter should talk about the position your daughter is seeking. For example, “Your ad in the Sunday Times said you were hiring an assistant for your summer preschool class.”

The next paragraph should talk about why your daughter’s skills meet the needs outlined in the job. “I have spent the last four summers working as a mother’s helper. I have completed the Red Cross babysitting class. I was recently certified in CPR.”

The last paragraph should give a telephone number and ask for an interview. Be sure your teen proofreads the letter carefully before sending it off.

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