They just

have to know where to look.

Many opportunities exist that will start them on a career path. Many of these work together well with a teen’s most important job—school work.

Here are some ideas for teens who want job training:

• Vocational classes. This old standby has taken a big leap forward. Teens in vocational classes today learn website design, retail management, accounting and other highly marketable skills.

• Volunteer work. Say your teen wants to join a volunteer fire department. It’s a wonderful way to give service. And the work involved teaches a lot about medical careers.

• Interning. What is your teen interested in? Encourage her to find someone in your community who does it for a living. Then find out if that person will let your child intern.

• Work-study. Many high schools have programs that allow teens to attend school for part of the day and learn at a job for the rest.

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