But you’ll learn even more if you ask some questions when your teen brings it home.

Find a time to sit down and look over the report card. Then ask your teen these questions:

• Why do you think you got this grade? This question is important whether your teen earned an A or a D. Understanding how she got to an A will help her see what she needs to do again this marking period. Figuring out what she didn’t do may help her raise a low grade.

• What’s the trend? Compare this year’s grades to last year’s in each subject. If the trend is downward, take action now. Ask to meet with the teacher or teachers. Set up a plan to help your child turn this downward slide around.

• What do you expect for the next marking period? A teen who has a D probably won’t bring it up to an A. Set goals that are high enough to be a challenge, but not so high that they are overwhelming.

• What are you going to do differently next period? Help your teen develop a specific plan for change. “I’m going to study math for 30 minutes each day.”

• How will we know it’s working before the end of the next period? If your teen needs help, set up some times when you and the teachers can get back in touch.

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