Most colleges notify applicants in March or April if they have been accepted to next year’s freshman class.

But there’s more to do than wait. Plan what to do once those letters from colleges arrive.

• If your teen is accepted to his first choice school, celebrate! But after that, don’t delay sending in a deposit and anything else the school asks for. Students who fail to meet deadlines may find their spots in the freshman class taken.

• Many teens will find they are accepted to several schools. But their first and second choices may reject them or put them on the waiting list. Send a deposit to a school that did accept your teen, but don’t give up on other choices yet.

Your teen can contact favorite schools again, or ask a guidance counselor to do so. It could help a lot if he can report that his grades went up, or he won an award.

• Once in a while, a teen who didn’t apply to a “safety school,” will find himself rejected from his favorites. All is not lost. Some schools have very late deadlines for applying. Ask your guidance counselor for a list. Or consider a year at a community college.

Strong grades and increased maturity after one year there could land your teen a spot at a favorite school the following year. (12/00).

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