She has been accepted by more than one college. Now what? Here are some ways to help your teen make the right choice:

• Think about what she really wants. What are your teen’s interests? What is she likely to study? The college with a stronger department is the better choice.

• For teens who aren’t sure of a major, look for a college that offers choices.

One teen thought she wanted to major in music. But she also had an interest in business. One of her college choices was only a music school. The other offered majors in other subjects. She kept her options open.

• Money matters. College is expensive. For most families, finances will play a part in the college choice.

Check the financial aid packages carefully. But be aware that colleges will sometimes match another school’s aid package. If your teen’s first-choice school doesn’t have the best offer, perhaps they will match another school’s.

• Visit again. If it’s possible, your teen might want to visit schools another time. This time, she’ll be seeing herself as a freshman and may have surprising insights.

“I realized that at one school, everyone seemed to be trying to fit into a single mold,” said one student. “Another school had more diversity. I chose that school.”

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