You can start now to help your teen make a smooth transition from high school to college.

Encourage your teen to:

• Read up. A book about the first year of college will help her know what to expect.

• Write goals down. What does your teen hope to accomplish next year? What strengths can she use to get her there? How can she head off any roadblocks?

• Keep up with classwork. Even though your teen has been accepted to a college or university, she still needs to do her best during the final months of her high school career. Some colleges will drop students if their senior year grades drop.

• Consider taking a study skills course over the summer. Your teen will learn how to manage the heavy academic load most freshmen carry.

• Attend orientation. Once accepted, your teen may receive an invitation to an on-campus orientation. You and your teen should make plans to attend together. You’ll find out about classes, financial aid and campus life.


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