“I didn’t want to do it, but my friends insisted, so I went along with it." This is a typical response from a teen who has given into negative peer pressure and is now in trouble.

Ask your teen: “Why would a real friend want you to do something that would get you into trouble?” It may give him something to think about, because the truth is that real friends do not want to get each other into trouble.

Here are some other qualities of true friends to discuss with your teen. Do his friends measure up?

True friends:

  • Can be trusted. They don’t tell your secrets or make fun of you in front of others.
  • Are supportive. They are happy for you when something good happens. They are ready with a “shoulder to cry on” when something bad happens.
  • Are helpful when you need help. In turn, when they need help, they look to you.
  • Are honest and caring. They tell you the truth, but they also think of your feelings. If it’s a hard truth, they tell you in private and they are gentle about it.
  • Want what is best for you. They would never put you in danger.
  • Accept you. You never have to “put on an act” for them.

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