After all, many teens seem to care much more about the opinions of their friends, their teachers, even some celebrities, than they do about their parents’.

It’s important to remember your teen’s foundation is still the parenting she has received. You may not always see it, but your teen shows behavior learned from you every day.

The lessons you teach your teen are with him when you may not be. He can draw on them to say “no” to things he knows are wrong.

And if she does give in, it’s not too late for a reminder from you. Teens may defend their actions and their friends until they are blue in the face. But they still need to know that you are aware of what they’re doing, that you don’t approve, and why.

Try to voice your feelings in a matter-of-fact way, without put-downs. Your words may give your teen the strength he needs to say “no” the next time.

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