Are you discouraging cheating?

Give yourself five points for something you usually do, zero points for something you never do, or any score in between.

___1. I have talked with my teen about our family’s values. He knows that we think cheating is wrong.

___2. I try to live out our values. My teen has seen me demonstrate honesty—returning lost wallets, etc.

___3. I try to make sure my teen knows it’s important to do his best rather than be the best.

___4. We talk about all the ways students can cheat. He knows I disapprove of all of them.

___5. When my teen behaves with integrity, I let him know I am proud of him.

How did you score?

Above 20 means you are setting clear expectations. A score of 15 to 19 is average. Below 15 may mean your teen will think it’s okay to cheat.

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