She closes the book. Yes, she read it. But did she comprehend it?

Here are some questions to ask about reading comprehension:

  • What are the main ideas presented in the chapter?
  • What are the supporting details for these ideas?
  • How do these ideas compare with what you’ve learned in the past?
  • Do you understand the conclusions presented in the chapter?

If your teen cannot answer questions such as these, she may need to read textbooks in a different way. Here is a system for her to try:

  1. Flip through the chapter before doing a careful read. Look at headings, photos and words in bold or italics. Skim through the questions at the end of the chapter.

  2. Now do a more careful read. She can go a little faster on sections she finds easy. She may need to read difficult sections a few times.

  3. Try to answer the questions at the chapter’s end. She should continue reviewing them until she can answer all of them.

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