Books, they’ll tell you, are too long and too boring. And they don’t relate to the things that interest today’s teens.

That’s where magazines can come in. Often, parents find that a teen who won’t pick up a book will enjoy reading a magazine. The combination of short articles, colorful pictures, and high-interest topics appeal to teens.

If your teen doesn’t like to read, make a trip to a store that stocks plenty of magazines. Let your teen browse. Since there’s a magazine that covers nearly every subject from rock stars to rock climbing, there is sure to be one on a subject of interest.

Buy several magazines and take them home. Leave them in places where your teen is likely to see them. Read a story or two yourself. Then talk with your teen about what you’ve read.

Remember that magazines make great gifts. Subscribe to one or two magazines and your teen will have something new to read all year long.

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