Reading Is Fundamental offers these tips for teens who are looking for a book they’ll enjoy:

Decide what they’re in the mood for. There’s no use starting a mystery if your daughter really wants a historical romance. Help your teen think about movies she’s enjoyed. They may offer a clue to the kind of book she’d enjoy.

Ask around. No book review is as powerful for a teen as the recommendation of a friend. A teacher might be able to suggest a book your teen would like.

Check out the library. The best reference in the library may be the librarian. They’ll know what other students are reading. They are also able to answer questions like “Do you have any books on rock music?”

Look at lists. Many organizations put together lists of books other teenagers have enjoyed. Ask a librarian for a copy.

Let one good thing lead to another. A teen who enjoyed one book by an author should pick up something else by the same writer. One book on computers may lead your teen to a book with a different point of view. As Reading Is Fundamental notes, “ ‘The end’ is never really the end for a person who reads. You can always open another book, and another and another....”

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