Contact the counselor at her school and ask if a peer mediation program is available.

Peer mediation is being used successfully by many high schools today. In peer mediation, a third student, who does not take sides, works with the two students who are having problems. This third student, called a peer mediator, is trained to help students in conflict understand each other and find common ground.

For peer mediation to work, teens need to:

• Want to solve the problem peacefully.

• Be honest about what


• Allow the other person to tell her side of it.

• Act with respect toward

the other person and the mediator.

• Keep the problem and mediation process private.

The students involved usually work in the following way. They:

1. Give their versions of the story.

2. Talk about each version of the story with the mediator.

3. Begin working toward solutions, by asking questions and other methods.

4. Talk about the possible solutions that come up.

5. Choose a solution together.

6. Sign a contract agreeing to carry out the solution.

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