A teen who can save money, or even carry money without spending it, is on the road to responsibility.

One strategy is to avoid temptation as much as possible. Just as a person on a diet should not spend too much time staring at the dessert tray, a teen who has just cashed his paycheck should not be wandering the mall looking for something to do.

If your teen is saving for a special purchase, have her carry a picture of it in her purse or wallet. Remind her to take it out when she is about to part with some of her savings.

Just as you may have done when he was younger, talk with your teen about what he sees on television. He is approaching the age when advertisers are targeting him. Ask him what he thinks an ad is not revealing about a product.

Enforce wait periods before your teen makes a major purchase. For a teen, this can be anything over $20. Require her to think about it for at least a week. There will be times when she will decide she can live without it.

Finally, be a model for your teen. If you are working to erase a debt, talk with him about how and why you are putting the money aside. Stress that by saving a little at a time, he can meet a goal.

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