If you are worried about safety at your teen’s school, here are some things you can do:

• Talk to a teacher if you are concerned about the behavior of your child or another child you know. The teacher is required to keep the information private. That means she may speak to school staff who have a need to know about the problem. But she can not share it with other parents or students.

• Ask school officials if they need your help to keep students safe. Some schools use parent volunteers to monitor lunch, dances and sports events.

• Find out if your teen’s school allows students to leave the campus at lunch. If so, talk with other parents, or your parent-teacher group, about whether this is a problem. You may want to advocate for a closed lunch. Usually, campuses with closed lunches are safer campuses.

• Speak with local police. Ask them for their tips on how to keep schools as safe as they can be. Share these tips with your parent-teacher group. Ask school officials if the tips can be posted in the halls or published in the school paper.

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