Your teen can be more successful, and avoid feeling overwhelmed, if she writes with a plan. Have her try these steps:

  1. Know what is expected. How long should the writing be? How much research is needed? Should it be written in a formal or conversational style?

  2. Break it down into steps. Pick a date to finish each.

  3. Come up with ideas. Choose the one that seems to fit the assignment best.

  4. Do necessary research.

  5. Make an outline of your research. Choose the material that fits your project. Get rid of the rest.

  6. Write a first draft. Don’t worry about mechanics, such as sentence structure, too much at this point. Get your ideas down on paper or the computer.

  7. Revise into a second draft. Refine your ideas, pay close attention to mechanics now.

  8. Revise into a final draft. Check carefully for errors.

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