But you can help your child get ready to do the work. Form a plan with him for meeting deadlines and avoiding last-minute panic.

Share this sample plan with your child:

1. Read the project assignment sheet carefully together. Make sure your child understands what he is supposed to accomplish.

2. Have your child write the title of the project and the due date across the top of a large piece of poster board or a dry-erase board to make a project chart.

3. Have your child check the assignment sheet. Often the teacher will suggest ways to break the project down into chunks. Have your child list these on his project chart underneath the title of the project. Come up with a due date for accomplishing each step. Pick dates that will keep your child on track to finish the entire project ahead of time.

• Have your child check off each step as he finishes it. This will keep you both aware of how far along he is.

• Have your child use the last days before the due date to edit the finished project.

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