Kids have more homework, more social life, more school activities and more to do in the community. This can all lead to more stress—unless your child has a plan in place to help him manage.

Try some of these ideas to help your child stay in control of his suddenly busier life:

• Set up a workstation with good lighting and plenty of school supplies. The search for books, assignments and supplies can waste hours of time.

Your child needs a place to set down his backpack. At study time, he should take out what he needs, do his work and return the materials to the backpack. Then he can just grab it before he heads out the next morning.

• Use a variety of reminders. Post important dates on a big calendar. Put sticky-notes on the door.

• Make lists. Writing down things you need to do, and checking them off as you finish is a time-honored strategy that has saved many a disorganized person.

Lists are especially helpful for planning projects. Your child can make a list of needed supplies, a list of research sources, a list of things to do to get his final draft in shape.

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