For many middle schoolers, this is a terrifying experience.

You can help your child develop the confidence to stand up in front of his peers.

Once your child has a topic, you can:

• Suggest he make cue cards. He should outline the points he will make. Then he should write each point or idea on a separate index card to use when he speaks.

• Help him think of visual aids. What could he put on a poster, chart or handout to enhance or illustrate main points? What might he demonstrate?

• Suggest he practice his presentation in front of a full-length mirror.

• Invite him to practice in front of you. Gently coach him on speaking slowly and clearly. Remind him to stand up straight, make eye contact, and be enthusiastic. Note if he’s using

distracting “filler” words like uh, umm and you know.

• Ask questions you think students might ask about his


• Congratulate your child on his efforts to create a successful class presentation.

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