However, there are some common hazards that can wreck the studying of nearly any child. You can help your child cope with these suggestions.

If your child:

• Gets overwhelmed with his workload, have him make a list of everything he has to do. Every night, suggest he finish and cross off three or four things from the list.

• Has waited to the last minute, have him concentrate on chapter aids. Have him read the introduction and the summary. Have him review the questions at the end of the chapter and the glossary of key terms.

• Has trouble remembering what he reads, have him make an outline, grouping material with common threads together. Then have him learn the material group by group.

• Has studied, but is still not confident he knows the material, have him give himself a practice test. Help him go through the chapter and make up questions about the most important topics.

• Gets distracted, turn off the TV, phone and computer until homework is finished. Have everyone in the family do quiet tasks during study time.

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