But they are still important, and they are getting more complicated as your child gets


Many children have difficulty reading textbooks effectively. If yours is one of them, suggest this plan:

1. Get the general idea of the chapter by starting with the title, section headings and words that stand out. Read them. Then move on to any pictures, such as charts. Finish with the introduction to the chapter and the summary.

2. Read the questions at the end of the chapter. These are big clues to the important concepts in the chapter. Jot them down if it helps you.

3. Keeping the questions in mind, read the whole chapter carefully. Take notes.

4. Quiz yourself. Out loud, ask yourself the questions and try to answer them. Make up your own questions about the chapter, too.

5. Read again, as many times as needed. Pay special attention to your notes and the chapter questions and answers. How do you know when it’s enough? When you can ask yourself each question, answer it easily and understand the answer.

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