There may be more of it, and it may be more challenging. In most cases, it will be both.

At this point, many parents aren’t sure how to react. They may no longer feel comfortable and confident helping with homework. Or they may worry that the child has too much to do and that he will never be able to get it all done.

Rest assured that you are still a valuable resource as your child does homework. You can suggest places for your child to get information. “Isn’t there a government Web site that deals with that?” Or you can offer to help him find a book. You can also share tips on keeping assignments organized which becomes even more important in middle school.

Through it all, keep telling your child that you have confidence in him. Yes, the homework is harder, but he has learned so much. He can do it. Compliment him on his effort. And encourage him to talk to his teacher as soon as possible if he is having a problem.

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