If your child doesn’t have them already, now is the time to help her learn them. Here are things teachers say will help your child do her best:

  • Know when she needs help and ask for it.

  • Pay attention in class.

  • Show up for class unless there is a valid excuse.

  • Come to class prepared with the right books and other tools.

  • Spend quiet class time on study.

  • Come to class “ready to learn”—don’t spend the first 10 minutes fooling around.

  • Hand in assignments when they are due.

  • Save social time for between classes and before or after school.

  • Start about a week in advance to study for most tests, even earlier for finals.

Check these points with your child’s teachers at your next conference, or by phone. If your child needs to work on any of these, ask the teacher for suggestions. Then sit down with your child and work out a plan.

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