What you do in your home can expand your child’s learning immeasurably. Here are some ideas for promoting learning:

  1. Read poetry as a family.

  2. Go regularly on family walks.

  3. Listen carefully to your children, and encourage them to listen carefully to others.

  4. Introduce your children to a favorite hobby of yours.

  5. Encourage children to keep a diary or journal.

  6. Establish a special place in your home just for reading.

  7. Write a story as a family about a family trip or outing.

  8. Always have children write thank-you notes.

  9. Have a family jigsaw puzzle going all the time.

  10. Tell your children their family history.

  11. Let your children see you reading for pleasure.

  12. Talk to your children about what interests them.

  13. Ask about what your children are studying in school, not just about their grades.

  14. Tell round-robin stories in which each person adds an idea.

  15. Show children how to plan and prepare meals.

  16. Ask open-ended questions such as “What would happen if….”

  17. Take turns retelling a familiar story with a new, comical twist.

  18. Take something apart and try to put it back together.

  19. Prepare occasional meals with an international theme.

  20. Pay attention to what children do right and praise them for it.

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