Does this sound like your child? If so, you can change her mind. Try these ideas:

Find your roots. Almost every child wants to know where her family comes from, and who came before her. Interview older relatives for their best stories. Write them down. If you have access to the Internet, check out some of the many sites for finding your family tree.

Read together. Pick a novel with a historical theme (ask a librarian for help) and check out two copies. Each of you read it on your own. Then have a “book club night” to discuss the book and share a delicious dessert.

Take note of current history. That includes the news of the day, or a news item from yesterday. Scan the newspaper in the morning and pick an article to discuss at dinner that night. Ask your child what she thinks.

Know your community’s history. What special event is your community known for? What person of significance has lived there? Take a day and explore the stories behind these people and events together. If you are able to travel, consider picking a spot rich in history, such as Boston, San Francisco or Washington, D.C.

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