Computer programmers use it to organize data. Now teachers recommend it for helping children with dyslexia or other learning challenges. But it can help all children organize and remember information.

It works because it helps kids tap more of their brain’s resources to learn. It combines logic, words, color, and pictures. Your child can make a mind map when she reads or takes notes, or use it to approach any topic she’s trying to learn or write about.

Suggest that your child:

  • Get a blank sheet of paper.

  • Draw a small picture of the topic she’s learning in the center.

  • Draw up to nine lines from this picture. On these, write themes or words. Or draw more pictures related to the central topic.

  • Off these lines, draw more lines as she thinks or reads of related ideas.

  • Use colors or symbols and arrows to link associated ideas on the page.

  • Look at the map to see how ideas are connected.

Often, children can’t learn because one component in their mental “circuit board” is missing. Mind mapping helps them wire the circuit board completely.

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