Your child: “Two weeks ago. But I just started it yesterday.”

Sound familiar? Some kids put off assignments until the last minute, and then find themselves overwhelmed. The reason: They may not know how to plan ahead.

The start of the school year is a perfect time to teach your child this skill with these steps:

• Set expectations. Tell your child that you expect large projects to be done over time—not just before they’re due. Tell her you will help her plan.

• Make a planner. Create a planning sheet your child can use with long-term assignments. It should have spaces for the assignment’s title, the final due date and other due dates you’ll choose together.

• Discuss goals. When your child is assigned a project, talk about the steps required to complete it. Record them on the planner, and choose a due date for each.

• Monitor progress. Check to make sure your child is meeting her deadlines. With practice, she’ll need less supervision.

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