These tips can reduce their stress and increase self-confidence:

  • Don’t force your child to read aloud to you. You might convey your own anxiety about his poor reading skills.

  • Don’t insist your child read grade-level material. He will enjoy reading more if he reads what he likes to read.

  • Be an example by keeping reading material around.

  • Don’t read homework instructions to your child. If she doesn’t understand them, encourage her to reread them.

  • If needed, record yourself reading the instructions aloud and let your child listen while reading them herself.

  • Obtain audio versions of books your child can listen to while reading the material.

  • Don’t unintentionally “label” your child as a poor reader. Don’t let her overhear you talking about her reading problems.

  • If problems persist, ask the school to evaluate your child for a reading disability.

  • Be patient and supportive. Without undue pressure, your child can grow to learn to love reading.

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