Remove that excuse from your child and he may read more often. Here are some ways to make reading more desirable:

  • Pick certain times in the day when the TV can be on. Don’t turn it on except for those times. Reduce the amount of TV everyone watches.

  • Give your child books or gift certificates for books as gifts for holidays or birthdays.

  • Keep reading aloud to your child. Pick material he likes, such as a humor or mystery story.

  • Share car stereo time with your child. When it’s your turn, pop in a book on tape you checked out from the library.

  • Be a little sneaky. Mention an interesting book to your child, but end with, “Oh, but you’re probably still too young to read that.” If that doesn’t make him want to read it, nothing will.

  • Continue to take your child to the library. Check out at least five books each.

  • Put books or magazines everywhere your child is—next to his bed, by his favorite chair, in the car and in the bathroom.

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