After teaching high school English for 25 years, Leonhardt has discovered that avid readers:

  1. Are better readers and writers.

  2. Concentrate better.

  3. Master new academic areas with less effort. (Their reading gives them a more extensive “framework” in history, science and other areas that helps them put new learning in context.)

  4. Score higher on standardized achievement tests.

  5. Have more diverse interests.

  6. Weather personal trauma more easily.

  7. Are better thinkers—more able to “sift through” information and understand how unrelated facts fit into the larger picture.

  8. Better understand how other people think and feel.

  9. Are more flexible in their thinking—more open to new ideas.

  10. Enjoy learning more.

Encouraging reading is one of the best ways parents can help children succeed in school—and in life.

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