Reminding them over and over to take care of responsibilities is no fun. Kids learn a lot through doing chores, so eliminating chores isn’t the answer. Instead, try to:

  • Be clear about your child’s chores. Explain how chores should be done. Post a checklist of chores and “due dates.”
  • Limit how many chores you assign. Make sure your child has time for all of them. When kids feel overwhelmed by chores, they may not do any at all.
  • Keep track of chores. Notice whether or not your child completes his chores. If he does, praise him! If a chore has been neglected, you might take away a privilege until it is done.
  • Use routines as natural reminders. Doing things the same way every day, such as making the bed before breakfast, helps kids remember chores. Use routines all day—in the morning, after school, and at bedtime.

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