It’s good to have long-term goals. But kids need to learn to set short-term goals first.

It’s important to help your child understand:

  • Goals are reached one step at a time.
  • To succeed, you must achieve each step—not just focus on the final result.
  • Success breeds success. When you meet one goal, it can motivate you to meet another.
  • A goal should be something your child wants. The best motivator is getting something that really matters to him.

To help your child set short-term goals, ask him to think of something he wants to accomplish within a week. To be a better student (a long-term goal), he might aim to:

  • Complete the week’s homework on time.
  • Eat a good breakfast every day.
  • Set and keep a regular study schedule.
  • Attend meetings of the Spanish Club.
  • Organize school papers.

At the end of the week, assess progress. Ask your child how he did. Discuss how he might do even better. Then set another goal.

Always break down larger goals into short-term goals and tasks.

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