Parents can be nearby for questions or to look homework over. But they should not have to “baby-sit” their children through each homework assignment.

If you are spending a lot of time each night helping your child with homework, find out why:

  • Is it because the work is really too hard for her? Discuss the problem with her teacher.
  • Is it because she has just gotten used to having you there? Tell her you are confident she can do the work on her own. Take steps to distance yourself from her homework.

Help your child gain confidence by starting her off:

  • Have her tell you about her assignments. Help her pick one to do first.
  • Have her explain to you how she is going to start the assignment.
  • Watch her get started.

If she still has trouble:

  • Go over the directions again together.
  • Look at sample problems or examples of the work she’s expected to do.

Then leave her to it:

  • Let her know you will be available for questions, but you expect her to do the work.
  • Gradually spend less and less time starting her off, until she can do it by herself.

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