It’s hard to keep track of what children do online. But doing so is important because, although the Internet is a great place for learning, it can also be dangerous. These tips will help your child stay safe.

  • Learn about the Internet with your child. If she knows more about it than you do, let her teach you. Look for other ways to learn, too.

  • Warn your child about the dangers of the Internet. Expect him to steer clear of things like pornography and hate literature.

  • Use software that blocks things kids shouldn’t see. It’s sold in many stores.

  • Choose an Internet service that helps protect children. Ask how to block certain online information.

  • Monitor your child when she’s online. Keep the computer in a visible spot—not in her room.

  • Tell your child never to give out personal information online, such as his name, address, or phone number.

  • Ask your child to report anything unusual to you, such as email from strangers or offensive graphics. Inappropriate material should be reported to authorities.

  • Expect your child to follow your Internet rules at home, at school, and elsewhere. If she uses friends’ computers, make sure their parents supervise.

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