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Practical tips to help improve your child's reading skills. From fun reading games to decoding words, working one-on-one with your child will make all the difference in his school success! Find more ideas on how to build reading skills at home.

  • 12 Ways To Help Your Child Love the LibraryHave you and your child been to your local library lately? In addition to wonderful books, today’s libraries offer multimedia options, community events, fun activities, and more—and all for free.
  • Teach Your Child To Love ReadingThese tips from teachers will help your early elementary school child read better and enjoy reading more.
  • Poetry Boosts Reading SkillsThe rhyming and imagery of poems can help kids learn language fundamentals.
  • Getting Help for Children With DyslexiaCould your child have difficulty learning to read because of dyslexia? Here’s how to get your child tested and what you should do after you get the results.
  • How To Read With Your ChildYou have a big influence on your child when you spend time reading together. Learn how to make the most of this special time.
  • Back-to-School BooksReading about going back to school is a great way to ease the transition. Especially with younger children, as you turn the pages together, you can talk about their real-life hopes and fears as well as discuss the wonderful characters in these books.
  • Summer Reading ListThese books, for kindergarteners to middle schoolers, will capture your kids’ imagination, and they’re perfect for reading aloud.

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