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  • Winter Exercise Ideas for the FamilyDon’t let cold weather keep your family from being active! Use our fun winter exercise activities to get everyone moving—some for inside the house, some for outdoors, and some for around your community.
  • A Research-Based Case for RecessIn this white paper, researchers from the U.S. Play Coalition at Clemson University have pulled together evidence for all the benefits children gain from recess.
  • Drawing the Line on Screen TimeTips to help ensure your kids aren't overdoing it with mobile technology and other screen devices.
  • Exercise for School SuccessRegular workouts benefit the brain and the body.
  • A Balanced DaySimple steps toward a well-rounded daily routine.
  • Fun Alternatives to Screen Time for Kids and FamiliesKids need at least an hour of physical activity every day, but it is often difficult to tear them away from their electronic devices. One way to get them moving is to play games that are so much fun, kids won’t mind pausing a video game or taking a break from texting.
  • 6 Childhood Illnesses That Are Icky, Gross, and Disgusting (but Harmless)They’re unpleasant but exceedingly common. We’re talking about head lice, ringworm, and other “icky” childhood illnesses that are more repugnant than harmful. Here’s how to handle them...and the “yuck” factor.
  • 10 Easy Ways Families Can Exercise TogetherTelling kids to “go out and play” doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get the exercise they need. Pursuing fitness and an active lifestyle as a family, however, shows your child how much you value exercise and fitness, as well as learning new things.
  • 9 Ways To Help Your Child Manage PE AnxietyPhysical education classes at school can strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of many children. If yours is one, these tips will help your child address her anxieties and learn to manage anxious situations.
  • Screen Time: Finding the Right Balance for Your ChildOur experts offer wise guidance about how much time kids should be spending on the computer, in front of the TV, or playing video games.
  • Outdoor Winter Activities To Enjoy With Your KidsIt may be snowy and chilly in most parts of the country during wintertime, but that’s no reason for you and your child to remain indoors.
  • Playground Safety: Tips for ParentsSupervision, quality equipment, and common sense mean fun—and safety—for all.
  • Make School Sick Days Less StressfulUnexpected sick days can throw the whole family for a loop. These tips can help things go more smoothly when your child is too ill to go to school.
  • Handling Head LiceHead lice happens. Here’s what you should know if your child or others at school become infested.
  • Does My Child Need Antibiotics?Taking antibiotics for the wrong reasons can have a negative effect long-term. Find out when antibiotics will help your child get well and when they won't.
  • Less Screen Time Reduces Obesity RiskChildren who balance their TV and computer time with physical activity are far less likely to be overweight.
  • Schools Recovering From Swine FluThe spread of the H1N1 flu led hundreds of U.S. schools to close their doors. Parents and students might need to make up that lost time classroom time.
  • Glossary of Flu TermsThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides definitions of swine flu and other common flu-related terms.
  • Sensible Swine Flu PrecautionsA few simple steps can reduce your family’s chances of contracting H1N1 flu or other types of flu illness. Here’s what you should know about avoiding the flu and treating it if a family member becomes sick.
  • Flu Prevention TipsA few commonsense practices can help keep your child (and others) healthy.
  • Is it a Cold or the Flu?Although flu and cold share some of the same symptoms, if you know what to look for it's easy to tell them apart.
  • Keep Kids Fit This SummerThere are many ways parents can get their children—even reluctant ones—to stay active.
  • Get Your Kids To ExerciseRegular activity helps children do better in school. Use these creative ideas to add some physical movement to their day.
  • Feeling Sick? When To Stay HomeWith all the stomachaches and sniffles that come along with childhood, it can be hard to know when to keep a sick child home from school.
  • Outsmart Gym GermsIt may sound crazy, but without good hygiene, exercising can actually be hazardous to your health.
  • Preventing the Common ColdGood hygiene and a few healthy habits can greatly reduce kids' risk of catching a cold—or giving one to someone else.

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