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Tips on how to establish how much screen time is allowed, and appropriate, for your children. Also check out our additional resources on Internet safety—downloadable tools, how to evaluate online sources, and more.

  • Are Video Games Good for Kids?Video games often get a bad rap from parents and educators. But studies show that gaming can offer some surprising educational and social benefits.
  • Drawing the Line on Screen TimeTips to help ensure your kids aren't overdoing it with mobile technology and other screen devices.
  • A Balanced DaySimple steps toward a well-rounded daily routine.
  • Screen Time: Finding the Right Balance for Your ChildOur experts offer wise guidance about how much time kids should be spending on the computer, in front of the TV, or playing video games.
  • Today’s Multitasking TeensToday’s teens spend seven-plus hours a day involved with some type of technology or media—including time when they’re studying or doing homework. A researcher specializing in teens and media offers tips for parents to help kids disconnect and focus.
  • Less Screen Time Reduces Obesity RiskChildren who balance their TV and computer time with physical activity are far less likely to be overweight.

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