Apathy and Underachievers Article Archive

Practical tips to help your underachieving child reach his full potential.

  • Why Are Boys Lost in the School Shuffle?When it comes to school and learning, statistics show that boys are falling behind. Here's how parents can help close the achievement gap—and help their sons reach their learning potential.
  • When Motivation Levels Differ: Motivating Your Kids Without Comparing ThemIn many families, one child is self-motivated and directed while the other is not. How should parents help the unmotivated child without drawing comparisons to the independent, self-starting sibling?
  • Divorce: How To Help Your Child at Home and at SchoolDivorce can wreak havoc on a child’s world and affect her life at school. How much information should a parent give a child’s teacher and other adults in the child’s life, and how should the child tell her friends? Our experts provide tips and guidance for parents to help their children navigate this difficult life experience.
  • Help Your Child Adjust SociallyFinding the right niche can help your child feel happier at school.

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