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Learn the symptoms of various learning disabilities and how to help your special needs child. Find even more information in learning problems.

  • Why Are Boys Lost in the School Shuffle?When it comes to school and learning, statistics show that boys are falling behind. Here's how parents can help close the achievement gap—and help their sons reach their learning potential.
  • Managing Middle School With ADHDNavigating the middle school years can be especially difficult for kids who have ADHD. Having the proper support systems in place can help your child have a positive experience.
  • A Twice-Exceptional StoryA mother recounts, in her own words, the rewards and challenges of raising a son who is both gifted and learning disabled.
  • Supporting Children With Special-Needs SiblingsChildren who have siblings with special needs often have conflicted feelings toward the sibling and confusion about their role in the family. Here are ways to help those children express themselves and get the attention they crave.
  • Adolescent Sleep and the Effect of Sleep DeprivationIs your teen slow to rise each morning and perpetually exhausted? It turns out there are biological reasons why. Follow these tips from national sleep study experts to help your child get the necessary rest.
  • Is It an Auditory Processing Disorder?Does your child struggle to block out background noise, follow conversations, or pronounce words correctly? He may have an auditory processing disorder.
  • The IEP Process at SchoolParents play an important role in making sure their children get the right special education services. These tips can help you advocate for your child throughout the IEP process.
  • Getting Help for Children With DyslexiaCould your child have difficulty learning to read because of dyslexia? Here’s how to get your child tested and what you should do after you get the results.
  • Help Your Autistic Child Succeed in SchoolHow to work with the school to improve education and school life for your autistic child.
  • Address Learning Challenges EarlyPotential learning problems don’t have to hold back your child. If you’re worried, speak up early to enlist help from teachers and support staff.
  • What Is an IEP?Explanation of the individualized education program for students with special learning needs.


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