ADHD and ADD Article Archive

Specific information to help your ADHD child succeed: morning routines, communicating with teachers, doing homework. Find even more information in learning problems.

  • Help for Absentminded StudentsTired of delivering forgotten items to school? The "no-rescue" approach could help your child learn to remember.
  • Managing Middle School With ADHDNavigating the middle school years can be especially difficult for kids who have ADHD. Having the proper support systems in place can help your child have a positive experience.
  • Helping ADHD Students Get Organized for SchoolFor children with ADHD, the ability to organize, prioritize, and manage time is impaired by neurological deficiencies that make it hard for them to stay on top of school assignments. Find out how to help ADHD students master organization at home and at school.
  • A Homework System for ADHD StudentsConsistent routines provide the homework help children with ADHD and learning disabilities need.
  • ADHD and School: Tips for ParentsDoes your child have trouble focusing in class? Here’s how to find out whether your child has ADHD, and how to work with the school if he does.
  • ADHD: One Family's StoryA mom recounts her family’s experiences with ADHD, from her child’s first struggles in school and diagnosis to adjusting his routine at home and school.

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