Moving to a New School Article Archive

  • When You’re the New Mom (or Dad) at SchoolIf you think being the new kid at school is difficult, try being the new parent. Your child may have the ability to make new friends during class, over lunch, and at recess, but for you it’s not so easy. Our experts offer specific ways to reach out and develop successful connections with other parents and your child’s teacher.
  • Stepparents and School: It’s Complicated, but Not ImpossibleRemarriage brings happiness and a new start for many hopeful couples, but children from prior marriages must be given time to adjust to a new family dynamic. What role should stepparents have in a child’s school life? Not pushing for too much too soon is key, according to our experts.
  • 10 Ways To Help Your Child Successfully Return to SchoolWhether parents like it or not, we are our children’s barometers. How they react to potentially stressful situations like the first day back at school depends on how we act. Teach your child that you believe in her and know she can tackle any challenges that come up during this new school year.
  • Kindergarten From the Kids’ Point of ViewAs your child starts kindergarten, she may have more basic worries on her mind than simply being separated from you. It's all part of kindergarten readiness.
  • Help Your Child Adjust SociallyFinding the right niche can help your child feel happier at school.
  • Ease the Transition to a New SchoolTips to help make this big adjustment easier for your child—and for you.

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