How to help your kids through life events that can affect their performance in school.

Dating & Relationships

Talk With Your Teen About AIDS

Parents must make time to talk with their teenagers about this life-threatening disease.


School Bus Bullying

Help Your Child Handle School Bus Bullies

Riding the familiar yellow school bus is an enjoyable rite of passage for most students, but for many it can be a place where bullying occurs unchecked. Here’s w...

Bullying: What It Is, How To Respond

What is a bully, how do I know if my child is being bullied, and what can I do about it?

School Clothes

School Clothes: Winning the Battle

Solutions for negotiating some of the most common parent-child school clothing disagreements.

From the SchoolFamily Blog

Quiz: Is It Bullying?

When does a tease become a taunt? At what point does obnoxious behavior become bullying? And what should you do when your child complains about being picked on? Take our 5 question quiz to find out.