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    10 Educational Travel Destinations for Fall

    These 10 travel and vacation destinations are perfect for fall school breaks, with off-season rates and fewer crowds. In addition, they’re great fun for the whole family!

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    10 Ways To Help Your Child Successfully Return to School

    Whether parents like it or not, we are our children’s barometers. How they react to potentially stressful situations like the first day back at school depends on how we act. Teach your child that you believe in her and know she can tackle any challenges that come up during this new school year.

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    7 Simple Homework Tips

    A little organization and a positive outlook go a long way toward ending homework hassles.

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    9/11: Tips for Observing the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 With Your Children

    Advice on how to address the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, with your children without overwhelming them.

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    Are You a Helicopter Parent?

    Take the quiz to find out where you fall on the involvement spectrum.

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    Back-to-School Parent Homework

    A little preparation before school starts can make it an A-plus year for the whole family.

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    Facebook and Social Networking: What Parents Should Know

    Social networking sites like Facebook keep growing in popularity, especially among teens. But they can also be used for online bullying. Here are 10 tips to get parents up to speed and help them be aware of their teen's social networking activity.

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    Family Trips Kids Can Plan

    When you leave vacation planning to the kids, they enjoy the adventure more. They also develop valuable skills they can use in school.

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    Fun At-Home Learning Activities

    Reinforce your child’s classroom learning with these simple grade-level activities you can do together.

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    Get Ready for Kindergarten

    Being sure of your child's kindergarten readiness will help ease first-day stress and prepare your child for kindergarten success in the year ahead.

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    Help for Absentminded Students

    Tired of delivering forgotten items to school? The "no-rescue" approach could help your child learn to remember.

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    Help Your Child Succeed in School

    When parents are involved, kids do better in school.

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