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    12 Educational Apps for Kids

    These high-tech tools can help students develop their academic skills.

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    6 Helpful Apps and Tools for Note-Taking and Homework

    These days, apps can help students overcome organization difficulties, manage their time, and much more.

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    6 Tips for Tackling Homework After an Absence

    Help your child catch up with minimal stress.

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    Back-to-School Organization Ideas

    Smart but simple ways to keep everyone organized.

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    Boys and Girls Learn Differently

    When it comes to academics, they don’t tend to approach things the same way.

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    End Homework Hassles

    If homework time is always a headache, these strategies will make life easier for your child—and you.

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    For Students, Parents, and Families, There Are 26 Top Apps for That

    Whether it’s keeping track of school assignments, remembering your kids’ allowances, or avoiding doubles on the grocery list, new software applications abound.

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    Help Your Child Reduce Test Stress

    It’s normal for kids to worry about tests, but worrying too much can be bad for kids and their grades. Here’s how to tell if your child has test anxiety and what you can do about it.

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    Homework Made Easier

    Supporting organization, reinforcing good habits, and minimizing distractions can greatly reduce homework stress.

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    Homework: Why It Matters

    Homework can be a hassle, but it’s not just busywork. Here’s what you should know about your child’s homework and how to take the “ugh!” out of study time.

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    Parent-Teacher Conference and Homework: Let's Talk!

    The parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to discuss homework—and your "homework philosophy"—with the teacher.

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    School and the Internet: What You Should Know

    How students are using the Internet at school, and precautions you should take at home.

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