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    10 Easy Ways Families Can Exercise Together

    Telling kids to “go out and play” doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get the exercise they need. Pursuing fitness and an active lifestyle as a family, however, shows your child how much you value exercise and fitness, as well as learning new things.

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    10 Questions Parents Should Ask About Concussion Management in Youth Sports

    As more becomes known about the short- and long-term damaging effects of traumatic brain injury due to concussion, parents of student athletes need to educate themselves about potential risks facing their young players. Our information helps parent know where to begin.

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    15 Tips for Managing the After-School Activities Juggle

    Keeping kids busy after school is a good thing, but participating in many activities without advance planning is inviting miscommunication, forgotten homework, and cranky families. Instead, enlist your kids’ efforts each week in planning their time.

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    5 Meaningful Community Service Ideas for Students

    Community service for teens is becoming a graduation requirement in most high schools. Here’s how to make that volunteer time really mean something to your child.

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    Choosing After-School Activities

    How to make smart choices, judge how much is too much, and deal with lack of commitment once an activity is chosen.

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    Concussions in Youth Sports: When in Doubt, Sit It Out

    The incidence of concussion among student athletes is on the rise, as is knowledge about trauma the brain sustains during and after a concussion. Many states have passed legislation requiring school concussion management plans, but awareness of concussion symptoms begins with parents—and student athletes themselves.

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    Finding Balance for Busy Families

    Kids have lots of options for activities these days, but an overscheduled child can go from busy to burned out in no time.

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    Should Kids Be Forced To Finish Activities They've Started?

    It’s a familiar story: Your child begs to sign up for an activity, then weeks later refuses to go and begs you to let him quit. Our experts offer help in handling this frustrating scenario, as well as tips for preventing it in the future.

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    Slow Down School Nights

    Tips to balance homework, activities, and downtime.

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    Sneak Learning Into Summer Fun

    Teachers offer their favorite ideas to combine education and fun.

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    Summer Amnesia: Avoid the Brain Drain

    Kids lose academic ground in the summer. Use these tips to keep them from falling behind.

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