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    10 Questions About Your Child and School

    The more you know about how your child deals with challenges and what's expected of him, the better you'll be able to help him achieve. Start by asking these key questions.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    10 Things Teachers Don’t Want To Hear From Parents

    Keep conversations with your child’s teacher positive and productive by avoiding these teacher pet peeves.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    7 Things To Tell the Teacher

    Sharing key information about your child can help teachers make a connection.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Adjusting to the New School Year

    Our tips for helping your child have a smooth start.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Dealing With Disappointing Grades

    Most kids bring home a bad report card at least once. Here’s how you can help your child get back on track.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    How To Talk to the Teacher

    A little two-way communication goes a long way toward helping your child get the most out of school.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Make the Teacher Your Partner

    Q&A with veteran teacher Scott Mandel on how parents and teachers can work together for student success.

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    Parent-Teacher Conference and Homework: Let's Talk!

    The parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to discuss homework—and your "homework philosophy"—with the teacher.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Resolving Student-Teacher Conflicts

    It’s tough when a child says “My teacher hates me, and I hate her, too,” but it’s bound to happen at least once in every student’s educational life. Here are some tips for what parents can do.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Talking With Teachers About Student Progress

    Don't wait for the report card to find out how your child is doing in school; a veteran principal offers tips for parents to keep in touch all year long.

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    Teacher's Tips: How Parents Can Help

    Practical advice for working with your child’s teacher.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Tips for Productive Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-teacher conferences are a key way to stay informed about your child’s progress in school. Here’s how to make the most of your meeting with the teacher.

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