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    Address Learning Challenges Early

    Potential learning problems don’t have to hold back your child. If you’re worried, speak up early to enlist help from teachers and support staff.

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    Considering Homeschooling? Do Your Homework First

    Does the idea of keeping your children home and teaching them yourself ever cross your mind? Homeschooling works for many, but even the most ardent supporters say it’s not for everyone and urge those contemplating it to consider all that’s involved before jumping in.

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    Getting Help for Children With Dyslexia

    Could your child have difficulty learning to read because of dyslexia? Here’s how to get your child tested and what you should do after you get the results.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Help Your Autistic Child Succeed in School

    How to work with the school to improve education and school life for your autistic child.

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    The IEP Process at School

    Parents play an important role in making sure their children get the right special education services. These tips can help you advocate for your child throughout the IEP process.

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    Understanding Common Education Terms

    Ever feel like you need a translator to understand what a teacher is saying? This collection of common school and education terms will help you understand the acronyms and jargon you may encounter.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    What Is an IEP?

    Explanation of the individualized education program for students with special learning needs.

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